CJF Harris Disposal Services
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 CJF Harris Disposal Services

Floyd D. Harris, Jr. is the founder and President / CEO of a successful construction  recycle and waste disposal services. Mr. Harris 25 years of expeerience working in the construction industry and his company is certified as: UDBE, SBE, MBE, CUPC & DVBE business. Mr. Harris currently possesses a California commerical driver license with the following endorsement double, tripple, tankers,  hazmate, air breaks & passanger. CJF Harris Disposal Services hold a  (California State Contractor License Speciality Limited C-61/D63 - C61/D49.


Mr. Harris is license to do business in the entire state of California. Mr. Harris has experience in operating heavey equipment ( front-end loader, backhoe, bobcat, earthmovers, tractors discing, bush mowing, scraper and all types of hand tools). 


Mr. Harris believe in preventive mainteance on all company equipment to assure the proper and safe working conditions in order to keep break down to a very low minimum each day. Equipment will be on a monthly schedule to be serviced for inspection. CJF Harris Disposal is a company who is a provider to the construction industry to meet the mandated standards of the state of California recycle program. A sophisticated but yet simple customers database allows us to communicate with our customers effectively and serves them promptly. 


As one of the founders of Harris Lawn Manicuring Services from 1990 to 2008 working with his father Floyd D. Harris, Sr. Harris Jr was superintendent of operations running the day to day operations. His responsibilities included payroll and bidding on contracts for organizations such and BNSF Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, PG&E, City of Fresno, City of Bakersfield, City of Clovis Fire Department, County of Madera Fire Department and California Conveyances, home foreclosure company. He also interviewed new employees for employment and terminations. Mr. Harris also created the safety program for Harris Lawn Manicuring Services to ensure that each worker had in position there necessary PPE equipment each day.


CJF Harris Disposal Services provides services to homeowners, commericail and residential property managers, contractors, real estate agents, business owners, and anyone else looking fast affordable hauling and debris removal. 


We take pride in our professionalm and treat all customers with respect. Our prices are up front, reasonable and competitive. Unlike many of our competitors, we are fully insured. We guarantee our work. All customers are important to us - regardless of the size of your job. We provide services to Fresno County, Kern county, Kings County, Merced County, Madera County and all cities in between. Our construction clean up, janitorial services and tractors services are here to meet your needs. 




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     CJF Harris Disposal Services

     4460 W. Shaw Fresno, Ca 93722

            Owner Floyd D. Harris, Jr

            Cell Phone 559 790-4277

         Office Phone: 559-500-1112



            California State Contractor                                   License  #939399



                 C61/D63 - D61/D49


Certification: UDBE/SBE/MBE/CUPC




 Email: cjfharriscompany@gmail.com

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I, Floyd D. Harris, Jr. hereby certify that I am competent in my field.


I will always make every attempt to identify the customer's real problem.


I will always specify my role in the customers's project or assignment.


My recommendations will be feaisble.


I will at all times avoid a conflict of interest.


I will never deceive my customers.


I will never be negligent or fail to perform my services.


I will always inform my customers of the risks of any undertaking.


I will always inform customers of my basic approach to his or her problem.


I will maintain total confidentiality with  reguard to my customers business.


I will always work to the best of my ability to insure the quick success of my customers project.


Charges for expense over and above my regular fee will always be fair and accurate. 


Fees will always be presented forthrighty so that my customers will always know what this or her money will buy.


I will nevery accept fees or commissioins from others for recommending equipment, supplies or servies to my customers.








Floyd D. Harris, Jr.

President / CEO